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TheStreetLog, a proximity social network website is released for testing.

TheStreetLog, a proximity social networking and local community building website was released on Sunday Apr 6th for testing. TheStreetLog enables communities to connect, engage and share responsibilities, values and benefits.

Screen Shot of TheStreetLog

Screen Shot of TheStreetLog

The reason I started TheStreetLog was because as we became more digitally connected, we somehow disconnected from our local communities.

Somehow with our busy lives and technology, we have become more isolated and lost our sense of community. Communities provide strength, safety, necessary services, well-being, and a better quality of life. Whether its help with school, social events, making new friends, cleaning up, sport activities, or giving back, we can make technology work for you. Our community is built on the strength of our neighbors. We are giving that strength back to you.

Every day, we encounter situations calling upon us to connect with and response to our neighbors and at times to be the eyes and ears of law enforcement, and community needs.

The philosophy is simple, you don’t realize the strength in your community until you know all that is in it. TheStreetLog helps communities in a variety of ways. By participating, you’re empowering yourself and strengthening your community. Everybody benefits.

  • If your dog runs away, will your neighbors help? Can they? How will they even know?
  • If the house down the street gets broken in too, wouldn’t you want to know?
  • If your elderly aunt is alone and you’re too far away to help.  Who can she turn too?

Our mission is to enable people and businesses to discover, connect and build a digital community of shared responsibility, shared values, and shared benefits.  Let’s regain the pride,strength, and rewards of having a new digital community. Let’s rebuild with TheStreetLog.

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