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Service Operation CRM – increase productivity and efficiency

A Service Operation CRM was developed to assist a service oriented company, to streamline its telemarketing operation and increase productivity and efficiency.

The solution was developed in 3 stages

  1. Identifying the best methods and processes and define the application functional specification.
  2. Develop system prototype, testing and refining it.
  3. Develop the full scale application and field test it.

During the initial project discovery, I set with the company’s CEO,  operation manager and several other key personal and study the operation process as they were. It turned that this company was still “pushing papers” between the various departments and only in later stage entering the information into a dispatch program. Other then the gap in information flow, which presented a process control issue, the existing method relied on old technologies and limited capabilities. For example the dispatch program was unable to verify client telephone number or his address. It was also very difficult to define a repeated appointment for an existing client. These  have became increasingly important as the solution was developed. The company primary business method, relay on field agents, it was critical to be able to stream the information to the agent in near real-time, to allow synchronicity between the office and the agent and information sharing.

Process Solution
The proposed solution included a point-to-point process that took into consideration several key steps and introduced the definition of the “Appointment” entity and its separation from the “Client” entity. A process “Call Queue” was created to indicate the status of the appointment and to allow progression to the next step.

  1.  Telemarketing – Create New Appointment and Client. Enter status “Pending Verification”.
  2. Dispatch - Appointment and Client verification. Enter status “Pending Confirmation”.
  3. Dispatch - Appointment and Client confirmation. Enter status “Pending Assignment”.
  4. Dispatch - Appointment assignment to agent. Enter status “Pending Disposition”.
  5. Agent/Office – Appointment disposition.

New Appointment/Client
The new appointment/client form include some logic to identify if the client already exist in the system and if so, will revert to appointment creation only. This way we ensure that client file is not duplicated. This logic is based on the client telephone number. Since clients may have several telephone numbers, including business and mobile numbers, this logic will check all numbers regardless of the number type.

This form also include an address discovery logic that will identify the client city and state based on the entered zip code. This option allow the telemarketing agent to speed up his/her work of entering the information while on the phone with the client.

New Appointment/Client form

New Appointment/Client form


Dispatch Calls Queue
Dispatch operation progress appointments from one status to another.

Appointment is created with the “Pending Verification” status. It is then the responsibility of the verification agent to verify the appointment and move in to the  “Pending Confirmation: status.

Dispatch Call Queue

Dispatch Call Queue

The client and appointment verification form allow the agent full editing of the client and appointment information. This form also include a Google map API for address confirmation, an OPENCNAM API for caller ID and a API for additional information.

Appointment & Client Verification

Appointment & Client Verification

Appointment confirmation, assignment and disposition forms are mostly similar, however the assignment and disposition include additional information.

Dispatch Schedule
The dispatch schedule window operates in several different view. The dispatch agent can view work load and access appointments from each view mode.

In “Today’s Appointment” view, the list show the appointment that occur today sorted by the time of the appointment. The “Refreshing Appointments List” is updating in real-time every appointment added to the system for the next month. The “Sortable / Searchable Appointment List” allow the dispatch agent to re-order the list based on any of the displayed columns as we as to filter the list based on search criteria. The last view is of a “Month / Week / Day Calendar view”.

Appointment on the dispatch scheduler are color coded and are only displayed if they are having one of the following statuses, verified, confirm, assigned and second appointment.

Dispatch Schedule

Dispatch Schedule

Additional functionality exist in this system that is not covered within this article such as the sales representative portal and reports.

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